Duty to God

Contact Information

Kurt Stenzel
Catholic Relations Chair

Services Available to Units

  • Presentation of Religious Emblems program to both Catholic sponsored and non-Catholic sponsored units.

  • Presentation of Catholic Recognition programs to both Catholic sponsored and non-Catholic sponsored units.

  • Support and resources for the Catholic sponsored Unit, the Catholic Scouter, and the Catholic Scout.

  • Unit visitations and Presentations of Catholic Awards/Recognitions.

Additional Resources

National Catholic Committee on Scouting
The NCCS is a church committee of concerned Catholic lay people who see as their mission the constructive use of the program of the BSA as a viable form of youth ministry with the Catholic youth of our nation.
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Catholic Committee on Scouting, Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Member of the NCCS, the CCSALA's main goal is the promotion of the Religious Emblems program for Catholic youth.
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Saturday, February 20Boy ScoutVenturing
Ten Commandments Hike XVII
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Catholic Scouting Awards & Recognition Programs

Done Your Duty to God
For Boy Scouts and Venturers, please complete the Intent to Apply form and attend the August Religious Emblems Orientation where you will be assigned a properly trained and CCSALA authorized Religious Emblems Counselor.
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Catholic Religious Emblems
Through the Religious Emblems program, a boy can learn how to put his faith and his Scouting together in an integrated learning experience. By working on the religious emblem for his age, a boy reinforces what he learns in the parish religious education program.
See the Emblems & Program Descriptions

Catholic Recognition Programs
These recognitions are for Catholic-Sponsored Units, and Scout Leaders and Scouts in both Catholic sponsored Units and non-Catholic sponsored Units.
See the National Sponsored Awards
See the Local Sponsored Awards

Catholic Leader Training

Scouting is basically an educational program and thus it is just as important to train leaders to work with youth as it is to train youth. Scouting under Catholic auspices must train youth to be good citizens and good Catholics (or members of whatever faith to which our Scouts belong). Adult leaders must be trained to do this job well.

Religious Emblems Counselor Training
Anyone who hears a call to serve in Scouting as youth ministry may become a Religious Emblem Counselor with the approval of his or her parish pastor.

Catholic Scouter Development
This program helps our adult leaders to relate their Christianity to Scouting. To do the job effectively, our leaders must know what is expected of them, and so Scouter Development trains them in the basic philosophy of youth ministry, with particular attention to religious, vocational, and educational aspects, all while nurturing the spirituality of the participants.


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